• LeMieux_Center_dialogue_panel_2013

    Check out the balls on Brett Doster…

    After first reading the press release distributed by top Florida Republican political consultant Brett Doster announcing his firm’s new service offerings, I thought of Samuel L. Jackson. “Check out the big brain on Brad,” Jackson’s character, Jules Winnfield, says during one of the most pivotal scenes in Pulp Fiction. “Check out the balls on Brett” is what I thought to […]

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  • Everglades

    With new TV ad, Everglades supporters break the peace with the sugar industry

    For decades, Everglades advocates financed by Wall Street billionaires like Paul Tudor Jones waged war with the sugar farmers and rural communities surrounding Lake Okeechobee. The battlefields ranged from the EPA in Washington, the Legislature in Tallahassee, both state and federal courts, and the national and local media. It has been an epic struggle. For the enviers, […]

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