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tax scam

Apryl Marie Fogel: Beware of tax-season scam artists

Jan. 19 marked the start of tax season, a time only looked forward to by big spending politicians, bureaucrats and fraudsters. With Tax Day less than three months away, folks across the country are scrambling to get their financial houses in order as they prepare to file with the IRS. Complicating an already stressful process…

civil forfeiture

Grady Judd: Taxpayers have most to lose from attack on Contraband Forfeiture Act

Taxpayers beware: There is a dangerously naive proposal making the rounds in Tallahassee. Some politicians want to significantly damage Florida’s successful Contraband Forfeiture Act. This is the law that prevents criminals from profiting from their illegal acts. Just like we prohibit killers from profiting by writing books about their crimes, the civil contraband forfeiture law…

risk, reward

Michael Bass: Take risks and savor the rewards

Many people have written on the fear of failure. In many places it goes under the heading “fear of losing face.” I have visited several major laboratories and universities in Japan and China and came away with an uncanny feeling that in many instances they are held back by this fear. Just one example will…

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