HBSwiss – A Serious Scheme of Scams

Created by Bastian Hermann and Hans Berger as an idea how to get your hands on tons and loads of money without spending a dime or lifting a finger, HBSwiss or app, software and trading robot is now proved to be an online scam that was meant to rob you of all your money. The angle is with the offshore companies who are ensuring you that you will make a lot of money if you just trust their unlicensed brokers, who will make sure that your deposits reach the wanted destination. This is nothing more than a fraud to get your credit card data in order to take all your money while leaving you with a belief that you will get a huge profit in return. You risk everything, from an identity theft, credit card fraud to denial of any withdrawal of your money.

The minds behind this scam are counting on all those opportunity seekers and uneducated money makers who strongly believe that they can get their hands on large amounts of cash if they hit the right trading opportunity online. What they do not know is that there are only a few of legit trading systems and software that will actually make you any money. Unfortunately for them, before they even realize what is happening, their money is already gone. There is a list on the Internet that states all the trustworthy systems which are not fraudulent software that will only waste your time and steal all your hard-earned cash. HBSwiss is for all these aforementioned reasons put on the Blacklist. If you really want to try and make some online money, try using the alternative investment channels that will actually bring you some nice returns.

So, before you put your money on this virtual machine for online trading and lose it, think twice about your options. And you can see by what they guarantee that this is a potential hoax. When you see that it says that their system can make serious monetary sums with a success rate being over 87%, you know right away that something is not right here. And do not trust review sites as well because a lot of them were paid to write fake reviews and ensure you that HBSwiss is good for you and that you will become very  rich in a few days.