The Brit Method – Binary Options Trading System

In the last couple of years, there are a lot of binary options trading systems that are being declared scams. HB Swiss is the perfect example of one of the most successful trading robot frauds. Unlike their legit and recommended predecessors like Easy Forex, Ava Trade or iTrader, The Brit Method was designed with only one goal and purpose – to steal your money and rob you blind. This website is nothing more than a hoax that will abuse your private data and take away all your funds. All over the Internet, there were these small reviews saying how you can get rich over night if you just hit the right opportunity that will be your jackpot. That is how this binary options trading website came to be. It will promise you that you will get your hands on big money. All you have to do is sign up.

Sign Up – The Catch

But from the moment you sign up, that is when the troubles start. By giving up your personal data, you are giving them access to all your information including your assets and funds. They even have a sales video that was meant to persuade you that you will, for sure, win tons of cash if you put your trust in this website. Easy believers are their targeted group because, when they see that people in the video are talking about making serious money, they will not think at all, they will just pour in their cash, expecting great returns. The first basic rule how you can see if something is fake or a scam is if it sounds too good to be true then it is fake. Now, how you can see that this website must be fraud? Well, it is linked to the three other similar websites, all having the same guy smiling on the homepage, having different flags of countries.

Somehow, that guy managed to be the same guy who lives in three different countries and goes by three different names. Now, this is where you can say right away that something is fishy. This is known as a quadruple scam website method, where you have numerous websites with the same content, linked to the major one with the purpose of leading you into a scheme of scams. The best thing to do, is avoid sites like this one.