HBSwiss – A Fake Money Making Machine

With the statement that you can get up to 5000$ a day by using HBSwiss binary options trading software, you can tell right away that something is wrong here. If you look through the history of its existence, no proved profits were ever confirmed and almost all data about the success are false and fake. This software was designed to automatically prompt you when a good trading opportunity comes along. However, you can never know or control which assets it trades on or who is your broker that you are trading with. There are no licensed or legal companies in the trading list because this software connects you only with offshore and unlicensed scam brokers. Not all trading robots are fraud, there is an actual list of safe trading robots that professional investors use but HBSwiss is not on that list.

False Information

HBSwiss’s FAQ section is offering you a fake guarantee that you can get 5000% a day which is completely untrue. This is the first step how you can tell that your trading software is just another get rich quick online scam at a fake binary options trading company. Of course, their recommended brokers are all fake. Usually, there is a rule that scam companies are always using unlicensed brokers because it is easier to manipulate the online investors that way. Most of these brokers are literally untraceable so once your money is lost, you will not come across that same broker ever again. That is why there is the best brokers page so that you can avoid being scammed by fake companies.

Every potential investor should know that there are two types of brokers who are dealing with binary options. The licensed legal broker is always the best option because, usually, the unlicensed brokers are working for scam companies or they are providing fake services for your binary options trading transactions. When you take a fact in your consideration that almost 99% of all automated trading systems are fake, it doesn’t take much to understand that any software that guarantees you 5000% a day even if you lose all your money is a big hoax. The conclusion would be that it is best to use the professional trading robots, only licensed regulated brokers and feel completely free to invest into your own future and prosperity, free of any fear of scams.